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When you purchase a directory listing on this site your directory listing will also be posted on the Fashion Fixes page of *Jen* Magazine:

These sites rank very high in Google for the terms that most women search for when looking for modest swimwear:

All advertisers will also be placed on which ranks high for various modesty-related terms like "modest clothing," "Christian modest clothing" and "modest clothes."

Did You Know?: Our network of modest fashion sites include sites about modest dresses, modest prom dresses, and modest wedding dresses too! If you also sell these items you will be included on these sites as well!

Did You Know?: Women searching for modest swimwear are looking for something to buy right now. That makes them much more likely to purchase from you than someone just browsing the web.

Did You Know?: In 2007 our directory pages received 10,000 - 20,000 unique visitors per month! These are not "hits" - a term many web content publishers use to inflate their numbers. One visitor can generate hundreds of "hits" to the server during one visit. If you are looking at other web advertising options - make sure you find out how many unique visitors they get per month.


When you advertise on our modest clothing network, each of your directory listings include:

Here is an example directory listing:

Jen MagazineJen Magazine is an online modest fashion magazine for young LDS women. They can help you find other types of modest clothes with their modest fashion shopping guide.


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We've spent countless hours over several years understanding how the search engines work and optimizing our sites to rank high for terms related to modest swimwear.

The only way (besides buying directory listings on our network) that you could hope to achieve this yourself would be to pay for placement in the red areas shown below:

Even if you paid a search marketing firm to place your ads in the Sponsored Links section (or if you spent dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars learning how to do this yourself), do you really want to compete for clicks with the bottomless marketing budgets of companies like Quicksilver, Venus, Speedo, Lands End, and Target?

Here are several reasons why a directory listing on our network is a much smarter option than paying to be included the Sponsored Links section of Google:


Divert a Flood of Our Search Engine Traffic
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Here's How it Works:

  1. You pay using PayPal or any major credit card.
  2. Once we receive payment we will create your directory listing(s). This usually happens the same day we receive payment, or the first business day afterwards.
  3. You review the listing and approve it or suggest changes.
  4. Once you are happy with your directory listing(s) we will post them on the appropriate sites in our network of modest clothing websites.
  5. Watch as targeted traffic starts rolling in to your site!
  6. Cancel before your next billing and you will not be billed again.
  7. If you donít cancel you will be billed $294 per month each following month, but you can cancel at any time.

Are you ready to open the flood gates?

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