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We've found some great companies that design islamic swimwear:


Modest SwimwearHydroChic sells modest swimwear to suit the varying modesty needs of different women. They have tank-tops and tops with short or long sleeves, and bottoms ranging from short swim-shorts to cute long swim-skirts and everything in-between. They've made longer and full-coverage modest swimwear look fashionable!

Enter the code "jenswim" at checkout to get 8% off of any order! See the many HydroChic swimsuit options.


Modest SwimJelbab sells Islamic modest swimwear. They have full-coverage swimsuits, as well as lighter-coverage swimsuits priced at around $70 - $99 for a full swimsuit. They also sell islamic modest clothing including dresses and tunics.

Shop online at


Modest SwimwearBlair has a few great modest swimsuits in their swimwear section. All of their swimwear is modest! They also have good clearance deals and sometimes offer 99-cent shipping.

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